What effect will this have on my taxes?

If the bonds are approved, they will be issued in stages over approximately six years. If voters were to approve all $139.2 million in projects, the city Finance Department estimates that the city property tax rate could increase up to $0.025, starting in July 2015. Based on this, the owner of a house valued at $200,000 would pay $50 more in property taxes starting in August 2015. This works out to about $4.17 per month.

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1. How were the projects selected?
2. Why pay for these projects with bonds?
3. What effect will this have on my taxes?
4. Why can’t we pay as we go?
5. Why do we have to vote on these bonds?
6. Why don’t the proposed bonds include any money for schools?
7. Why are we having another referendum so soon after our vote on library bonds in 2010?