What are the M/WBE Program benefits?

M/WBE provides:

  • Assistance in completing the Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) certification process required by the State of North Carolina
  • Assistance in increasing the City of Winston-Salem’s knowledge of your firm’s product or service and your desire to do business with the city
  • Assistance with the resolution of problems and complaints regarding non-compliance with the M/WBE Program
  • Electronic notification of bid opportunities and request for proposal (RFP)
  • Sessions that are beneficial to minority and woman-owned businesses, including:
  • In addition, the program provides workshops and seminars for minority- and women-owned businesses. You do not have to be a certified minority company to do business with the City of Winston-Salem but the certification will improve your chances to participate on city contracts.

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1. What is the M/WBE Program?
2. What are the M/WBE Program benefits?
3. What type of firm qualifies as a M/WBE?
4. What business resources are available for M/WBE firms?
5. How are M/WBEs notified of procurement opportunities with the City of Winston-Salem?
6. What can M/WBEs do to increase their participation in the bidding process?
7. How can I locate M/WBE vendors?
8. Am I required to attend pre-bid meetings for a project?
9. What are the different types of solicitations?
10. Where can I locate bid documents for purchasing opportunities?
11. Where can I find the results of a particular bid?