What is a Section 3 business?

A business that meets one of the following criteria:

  • Employs Section 3 residents in full-time positions (30% or more of employees)
  • Is owned by Section 3 residents
  • Subcontracts with businesses (at least 25%) which provide economic development opportunities to low-income persons

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1. What is Section 3?
2. Who are Section 3 residents?
3. What is a Section 3 business?
4. Who will award the economic opportunities?
5. How does a contractor locate Section 3 businesses or residents to work for them?
6. What are some examples of Section 3 opportunities?
7. How do I comply with Section 3 goals?
8. How does Section 3 differ from the Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise program?
9. Who receives priority under Section 3?