Do I have to list all applicants?

Yes, if asked to do so on the lease agreement.

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1. Can I take another leaseholder's name off of my lease?
2. Do I have to list all applicants?
3. How many people can live in my house/apartment?
4. Can I sublet my apartment?
5. When my lease expires, do I have to renew it?
6. Who can request a key (in the case of a lock out) to my home?
7. Can my landlord charge me a pet deposit or pet rent?
8. Should my landlord explain my lease when I move in?
9. Can I change my locks on my doors?
10. Can I make changes in my home (carpet, light fixtures, etc.)?
11. Do I have to keep the utilities on in my home at all times?
12. When my lease ends, can I just move out?
13. What utilities am I responsible for?
14. What do I do if I do not have a lease agreement?
15. Can my landlord change my locks without notifying me?