Why should I recycle?

Recycling has both environmental and economic benefits. Recycling reduces the amount of waste generated by your household, saves landfill space, and reduces the costs for landfill disposal. Also, recycling saves energy and natural resources (i.e., water, minerals, trees), reduces air and water pollution, and creates markets for recyclable materials.

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1. What is not accepted for recycling?
2. Why should I recycle?
3. Can bottle caps and lids be recycled?
4. Can I recycle envelopes with the plastic windows? What about staples? Glossy advertisements? Post-its? Can I recycle paper with tape on it?
5. Can I recycle spiral notebooks?
6. Can I recycle batteries?
7. Can I recycle cereal boxes?
8. Can I recycle plastic bags?
9. Can I recycle toys and household objects made of plastic?
10. Can I recycle my computer and printer?
11. Can I recycle any plastic that has a recycling sign and number on it?
12. If plastic doesn’t have a recycling logo on it, can it still be recycled?
13. Can some things be recycled more easily than others?