Why is my water bill higher than last year at this time?

Water and sewer costs are determined by the prevailing rate per 1,000 cubic feet of water used during each billing period. Rate adjustments are based on a detailed cost-of-service analysis to ensure that each utility customer pays a proportionate share of the cost to provide services. All meters have a monthly Readiness-to-Serve charge regardless of usage, which varies by size of meter. Irrigation charges have a set uniform rate.

Water and sewer rates are based on volume and cover the majority of the cost of water and sewer treatment, water distribution and sewer collection. Tax revenue is not used to fund our services. The Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Utility Commission approves rate changes as part of the Utilities Department budget, which is also submitted to the City of Winston-Salem budget and approved by the City Council. 

Your water and sewer bill may fluctuate as the seasons change. Water consumption usually increases in the spring and summer months, and your bill will reflect this increased usage. In addition, as more people are working and learning at home, water consumption may also increase.

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1. Why is my water bill higher than last year at this time?
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