How do I configure my equipment?

There are several things you'll need to check, and a few settings you'll need to change.

If Your Adapter Is Operational

The following instructions assume your wireless adapter is properly installed and operational

  1. Wireless Network Adapter Settings
    1. Set the adapter to Infrastructure mode; Ad hoc mode will not work.
    2. Set the adapter SSID to "cityofws" (without the quotes). The SSID is case sensitive.
    3. Turn off WEP Encryption if it is enabled.
  2. Network Settings
    1. Your network adapter's TCP/IP properties must be set to automatically obtain an IP address.
    2. The TCP/IP properties must also be set to automatically detect the DNS server.
  3. Reboot
    1. Once you've set up your adapter and connection settings above, reboot your computer. You should then be able to access the Internet through the Fourth Street access points.

If Your Adapter Is Not Operational

If your adapter is not installed correctly, please consult the manufacturer's documentation provided with your adapter to properly set up your equipment.

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