How can your hearing be protected?

We can protect an employee's hearing by the following methods:

  • Administrative Controls: Administrative controls means to reduce the amount of time a worker is exposed to the noise environment or take some other measures to limit or eliminate the exposure.
  • Engineering Controls: Engineering control means you eliminate or reduce noise exposure by modifying the equipment, purchasing quieter equipment, enclose the equipment in a room or behind a wall, lubricate, tighten loose parts, install quieter mufflers, or other modifications as necessary to reduce level of noise exposure.
  • Hearing Protection: Hearing protection is the most common method of protecting workers from noise exposure. Hearing protectors are either placed over the ear or inserted into the ear canal to block high-frequency noise and reduce noise to a level of what is considered safe. The effectiveness of hearing protectors depends upon whether they are the proper type and the user wears them properly.

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