Who administers the National Register of Historic Places?

The National Register is a list maintained by the National Park Service under the Secretary of the Interior. Nominations to the National Register are submitted by the North Carolina State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). In North Carolina, SHPO staff administer the National Register program.

In North Carolina, a review board, called the National Register Advisory Committee (NRAC) examines potential nominations and makes recommendations to the SHPO regarding the eligibility of properties and the adequacy of nominations. These boards are composed of professional historians, archaeologists, architectural historians, and architects as well as other citizens having a demonstrated interest and expertise in historic preservation. The NRAC meets three times per year (the second Thursday of February, June, and October) to consider the eligibility of properties for nomination to the National Register. Nominations prepared under the supervision of the SHPO staff and approved by the NRAC are forwarded to the Keeper of the National Register in the National Park Service in Washington, D.C. Final authority to list properties in the National Register resides with the National Park Service.

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