Is family or medical leave, under the FMLA, paid or unpaid?

FMLA Leave is not a paid leave. If an employee wishes to be paid while out of work on FMLA, the employee may choose to substitute accrued paid sick leave for unpaid FMLA. Employees may also choose to substitute paid vacation and/or holiday leave for unpaid FMLA, if your supervisor approves the usage of vacation and/or holiday. The leave time will be charged against both paid leave and unpaid FMLA.

Note: Employees will not accrue paid leave during any period of unpaid FMLA leave. When an employee is on an unpaid FMLA Leave, or on a paid FMLA which he/she is receiving less than full compensation from the city, the employee is not rendering service which is creditable in the Retirement System.

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5. Is family or medical leave, under the FMLA, paid or unpaid?
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