Do the tokens ever expire?

No. If you have leftover tokens you can keep them, if you want, and use them the next time you come to the Fairgrounds Farmers Market.

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1. Is there any limit to the number of tokens I can get with my SNAP EBT card?
2. I didn't spend all my tokens. Can I get my money back?
3. Do the tokens ever expire?
4. If I run out of tokens while I'm at the Fairgrounds Farmers Market, can I get more?
5. Can I use these tokens at the grocery store?
6. Can I use my tokens at other farmers markets that accept SNAP EBT cards?
7. Can I use a debit or credit card to get tokens?
8. My purchase from a vendor includes both SNAP-approved items and items that are not approved for SNAP. Can I use my tokens?
9. Are there any other limitations on what I can buy with SNAP tokens at the Fairgrounds Farmers Market?