What services are available?

Your EAP can help you and your eligible family members deal with many situations, including the following:

  • Balancing Work/Life Needs
  • Child and Elder Care Concerns
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • Job-Related Problems
  • Legal and Financial Referrals (Excluding Employment Law)
  • Parenting Problems
  • Relationship and Family Problems
  • Stress, Depression and Other Emotional Issues

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1. What is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?
2. What services are available?
3. Who is eligible for EAP services?
4. How much does it cost?
5. Is the program confidential?
6. How do I use the program?
7. How do I make an appointment?
8. What will I be asked in the beginning of the call?
9. Will I be asked anything else?
10. Is the information I provide protected?
11. How will I know when and with whom I’ll receive counseling?