Which department provides the stormwater service?

The Stormwater Division of Traffic Field Operations is responsible for administrating and executing the City of Winston-Salem’s stormwater plans.

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1. Why do we have a stormwater service?
2. Where does the money go?
3. Which department provides the stormwater service?
4. How can a property owner find out more information about their bill?
5. How often will a citizen get billed for stormwater service?
6. Where is the stormwater fee located the customer's bill?
7. What happens if the stormwater fee is not paid?
8. Why has the stormwater fee changed?
9. Why did the residential fee change from a flat rate to a tiered rate?
10. What if a property owner thinks the impervious area of their property is incorrect?
11. Can a property owner reduce their stormwater fee?
12. How does the City determine the impervious surface area of a property?
13. Where can the impervious surface area value be found?
14. How is the billing tier for a location determined?
15. How is the stormwater fee determined?
16. What is impervious surface area?