Is this a grant?
  • Financial assistance is income based. Household income determines if the assistance provided will be “Direct Pay”-requiring a monthly payment or “Forgivable”-no monthly payment is required.
    • Household income is defined as all who occupy a dwelling unit and receive income.
    • Income is defined as:
      • Gross income of all adult household members anticipated to be received from employment (income before any deductions have been taken) in the next 12-month period
      • Net self-employment income
      • Interest, dividends, and other investment income
      • The full amount of periodic payments received from Social Security, annuities, insurance policies, retirement funds, pensions, disability, or death benefits, and other similar types of periodic receipts.
      • Payments in lieu of earnings, such as unemployment, and disability compensation, workers compensation and severance pay.
      • The full amount of periodic public assistance payments, alimony, and other payments or contributions which are received on a recurrent basis and which may reasonably be expected to continue.  

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5. Is this a grant?
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