When will this happen?

To minimize the disruption downtown, only one pair of streets will be converted at a time. First and Second streets will be converted first, because they are the most in need of repaving (which is part of the project). Work on them is expected to start this summer and is scheduled to take about a year to complete. 

Once First and Second streets are completed, work will begin on Liberty and Main streets.

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1. Why are these streets being converted to two-way traffic?
2. Why are portions of First Street and Second streets still one-way?
3. Don't the one-way sections on First and Second streets defeat the purpose of the two-way conversion?
4. Why is the block of Second Street between Broad and Spring remaining one-way?
5. How do two-way streets calm traffic?
6. What happens to traffic patterns during the transition?
7. When will this happen?
8. How long will it take?
9. How much will it cost?