How much can I receive?

The program is designed to make up the difference between what you can afford to pay and what you have to pay for rent, mortgage or utilities. The agency taking your application will work with you; the amount of assistance will vary from household to household based on its circumstances.

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1. What is a “household”?
2. I live by myself. Am I an eligible “household?”
3. How is household income calculated?
4. How do I prove that my household has experienced economic hardship due to COVID-19?
5. I am a tenant; do I need to get my landlord to participate?
6. Who receives the payment?
7. How much can I receive?
8. I have a mortgage, but I also need assistance with utilities. Can I apply for both at Financial Pathways of the Piedmont?
9. Is HARRY Veteran Community Outreach Service only accepting applications from veterans?
10. How is the RUMA program different from ERAP?
11. This is a city program. Why do I apply at these social agencies?
12. How long can I receive assistance?