I’m ready to help! What can I do?

Join one of our collection teams! Team members reach out to folks they know and guide them through the process of submitting photos, stories, documents and interviews to the initiative’s online archive. The AAHI committee is organizing nine collection teams. Each team is led by a member of the AAHI committee and will be responsible for capturing the history in a particular area. Go to the list of collection teams and their leaders.

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1. I’m ready to help! What can I do?
2. If I join a collection team, how much do I have to do?
3. Can I be on more than one collection team at a time?
4. What are you collecting?
5. What other resources can I consult to help me?
6. Why won’t my file upload on the submission portal?
7. What is the largest file size?
8. What format can the files be in?
9. My oral history file is larger than 250 MB. What do I do?
10. How can I send the city the file?
11. Can I drop it on of on a thumb drive?
12. I can’t join a collection team but I have a good story that should be preserved. What should I do?
13. How can I get my items scanned?