What are you collecting?

We are looking for anything that helps tells the everyday history of Winston-Salem’s African American community during the years of segregation:

Not just of civil-rights-related events, but of church picnics, family reunions, neighborhoods, sporting events, etc.

Programs for school graduations, debutant balls, class reunions, concerts;  documents of historical interest or signed by significant people; etc.

Stories (Either written or recorded):
Anecdotes and memories of life in Winston-Salem. We’re interested not only in memories of events of community-wide interest (for example, the visit here by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.) but also, stories that provide a window into everyday life for the Winston-Salem’s African American population during segregation and the years of desegregation (for example, recollection of a family trip or of going to a movie theater).

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4. What are you collecting?
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