What will the process to turn in my weapon look like?
  1. Place the unloaded gun inside your trunk, truck bed, or cargo area before leaving your home. 
  2. Follow the signs and enter the city leaf lot at 2885 Shorefair Drive, across from Gate 7 of the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds. 
  3. When you reach the buyback area, tell the officers what type of gun you have in the trunk. 
  4. Stay in your vehicle at all times. Officers will remove the gun. (If you cannot remotely open the trunk or rear hatch from the driver’s seat, you will hand the officer the key.)
  5. Accept a receipt for weapons collected.
  6. Move to the next stop where a staff member will accept your receipt and pay you cash for the weapons collected.

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3. What will the process to turn in my weapon look like?
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