What will happen to the guns collected?

All weapons will be destroyed in accordance with state law. Weapons will also be checked to ensure they were not reported stolen. If they were reported stolen, the Police will try to return the weapon to its rightful owner.

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1. How will I receive payment for my weapons?
2. Can I turn in my BB gun and still get paid?
3. What will the process to turn in my weapon look like?
4. Do I have to identify myself?
5. How much money has been allocated for this program?
6. How is the gun buyback funded?
7. Do you really expect criminals will come sell their guns?
8. What will happen to the guns collected?
9. I want to remove a gun from my home, but don’t want to receive payment for it. May I bring it to the gun buyback?
10. Is there a limit on the number of guns I can sell?