Why are grants only being offered in these areas of the city?

For this initial phase of pandemic assistance, the City Council primarily is concerned with assisting small businesses and small non-profits in danger of ceasing operations. It is deliberately giving first priority to low-income areas of the city to ensure an equitable distribution of funds. Additionally, state law restricts the amount of funds and areas in which the city can provide grants to small businesses.

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1. What constitutes a QCT?
2. Why are grants only being offered in these areas of the city?
3. I dipped into my savings to pay my mortgage/rent/utilities. Can I get reimbursed?
4. My businesses is struggling but I’ve kept up with my mortgage/rent/utilities. Can I get help with other expenses?
5. My small business is not in a QCT but many of my customers live in QCTs. Am I eligible for a grant?
6. We’re a small non-profit. What documents do we need to submit to show that we serve clients in a QCT?
7. What are social service non-profits?
8. I’m a small business. How do I determine how many full-time equivalent (FTE) employees I have?
9. How do I document the number of FTEs in my small businesses?
10. Why are grants restricted to assisting with arrears in mortgages, rent or utilities?
11. Can I apply if received other state or federal pandemic assistance?
12. If I receive a grant, do I have to pay taxes on it?
13. If I’m approved, how quickly will I receive assistance?
14. Do sole proprietors qualify for grants?
15. Do contractors I use count toward FTEs?
16. How much money is available for relief grants?
17. Where is the money for the grants coming from?
18. Will the city be offering other pandemic assistance in the future?