Do other municipalities have an EAG program?

Yes, other cities have created EAGs and have found the establishment of these groups to be very helpful toward employee retention and mentorship. Below, you can find a list of cities that have established EAG programs:

  • City of Dallas
  • City of Boston
  • City of Philadelphia
  • City of Milwaukee Policy
  • City of Milwaukee
  • Town of Chapel Hill 

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1. What are Employee Affinity Groups (EAGs)?
2. Do other municipalities have an EAG program?
3. How did the department come up with the particular EAGs to be established?
4. Do EAGs violate the City of Winston-Salem Non-Discrimination Policy?
5. Why should I join an EAG?
6. How do I join or get involved?
7. What type of activities will the EAG host?