What items are prohibited in city buildings?

Items that are prohibited include, but are not limited to, firearms or items resembling firearms, knives and handheld weapons, explosives, controlled substances, stun guns, alcoholic beverages, tools, heavy chains, flammable, explosive or other hazardous substances.

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1. What are the new security measures?
2. What items are prohibited in city buildings?
3. Which city buildings are affected?
4. Why is the city doing this?
5. Can citizens with concealed carry permits enter with their firearms?
6. What about citizens with implanted medical devices that might trigger an alert, or other medical conditions that prevent them from passing through the metal detector?
7. What if someone wants to enter one of these buildings with a service animal?
8. What if I have some other special need that pertains to the screening requirement?
9. Do the measures apply each time someone enters one of these buildings?
10. What happens if someone refuses to participate in the security screening?
11. What happens if prohibited items are discovered as part of the screening?