What is the process for repaving streets?

There are four basic steps to repaving a street. The first stage, milling, grinds off roughly two inches of the damaged top layer of pavement. The streets are then cleared of loose debris, and manhole and valve structures in the travel lane are adjusted to sit flush with the new layer of asphalt. A new layer of asphalt is applied and compacted, which creates a smooth new travel surface. Finally, new striping is painted to define traffic lanes, stop bars, crosswalks and more. 

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1. Why now?
2. Why is this needed?
3. Why not do the work at night or on weekends?
4. What if the weather is bad?
5. How is the city notifying downtown residents, visitors and businesses?
6. Will this project affect the downtown music series?
7. Will this affect the Winston-Salem Cycling Classic on Aug. 4-6?
8. What is the process for repaving streets?