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Advisory Boards & Commissions

  1. Citizen Board and Commission Application

    Apply for open spots on the city's various citizen advisory boards and commissions.


  1. 2018 Bonds Comments

    Send us your thoughts about bond projects approved in 2018.

  2. Support Test
  1. Comments on Coronavirus Local Fiscal Relief Fund (CLFRF)

    Send Us Your Comments After reading over the budget documents, please let us know your thoughts and suggestions about the proposed... More…

    Send Us Your Comments

    After reading over the budget documents, please let us know your thoughts and suggestions about the proposed budget. Thank you for your feedback.Less…

Business Inclusion & Advancement

  1. Small Business Liaison Contact Form
  2. Specialized Permit Application
  1. Sound Amplification Permit Application

    The Sound Amplification Permit Application is for requesting to utilize sound amplification in a public park within the City of... More…

City Council

  1. Comments - City Council
  2. Police Department Budget Comments

    Submit your comments about the police budget prior to the August 31 Council Committee meeting on Community Development, Housing and... More…

  1. Outstanding Women Leaders (OWL) Scholarship Information Form

Community Development

  1. HOME ARP Funds Utilization Survey

    The American Rescue Plan (ARP) provides $5 billion in federal funds to assist individuals or households who are homeless, at risk of... More…

  1. Housing Survey - Interior Conditions

    Answer these questions to help us determine whether your home qualifies for our lending program to make various improvements.

Department Feedback

  1. Department Feedback Survey

    Please tell us about your recent experience with the City.

Fire Department

  1. Citizen Fire Academy Application
  2. Fire Protection System Impairment Request

    For notifying of Fire Protection System Impariments

  3. Firefighter Position Interest

    This is a form to collect potential recruits while not in the open enrollment phase.

  4. Main Fire Form
  5. Public Education PreTest/PostTest
  6. Public Records Request Form
  7. Request Fire Inspection For Work Done

    Request a partial or final Fire Inspection in relation to an active permitted project.

  8. Temporary Promotion Survey
  1. Fire Inspection Report Request

    Request for a report of a fire inspection previously conducted at an address.

  2. Fire Report Request
  3. Hiring Test and Hazardous Materials Team Survey
  4. Occupancy Load Request

    Request form for Occupancy Load Certificate

  5. Public Education Request

    Request a station tour, fair or festival appearance, special training and more with the Winston-Salem Fire Department.

  6. Report Non-Emergency Fire Issue

    For the reporting of non-emergency fire issues / complaints.

  7. Smoke Alarm Request
  8. WSFD Honor Guard Appearance Request

    The mission of the Winston-Salem Fire Department Honor Guard is to provide honor, dignity and respect for our fallen brothers and... More…

Garbage & Recycling

  1. Curbside Garbage & Recycling Exemption Form


Human Relations

  1. 2020 MLK Jr. Young Dreamer Award Nomination

    2020 MLK Jr. Young Dreamer Award Nomination Form. The Young Dreamers Award is given to one male and one female resident of... More…

  1. Nondiscrimination Study Subcommittee

    The Nondiscrimination Study Subcommittee is an ad hoc sub-committee of the City of Winston-Salem Human Relations Commission. Its goal... More…

Human Resources

  1. City Stars of Excellence Nomination Form
  2. Retiree Comments
  1. Employment Verification for External Agencies

    External agencies should use this form to verify employment details for City of Winston-Salem employees. This form should NOT be used... More…

Keep Winston-Salem Beautiful

  1. Adopt-A-Stream Cleanup Report
  2. Cleanup Report

    This cleanup report is for Adopt-A-Park, Adopt-A-Street, and Adopt-A-Stream cleanups.

  3. Keep Winston-Salem Beautiful Adopt-A-Stream Program Agreement

    The Adopt-A-Stream program has been established for community and civic organizations as well as private businesses and industry to... More…

  1. Adopt-A-Street Program Agreement

    Individuals or groups interested in adopting a street must fill this out and receive confirmation from George Stilphen before the... More…

  2. Keep Winston-Salem Beautiful Adopt-A-Park Program Agreement

    The Adopt-A-Park program has been established for community and civic organizations as well as private businesses and industry to... More…

  3. Sign up to Volunteer

Marketing & Communications

  1. 2022 City of Winston-Salem University Application

    2022 CITY OF WINSTON-SALEM APPLICATION Application deadline: July 22, 2022 Class Member Notification: August 4, 2022 Program... More…

  1. WSTV 13 Feedback Form

Performance & Accountability

  1. Local Governance Study Commission Feedback Form

    Send the commission your thoughts on how the mayor and City Council members should be elected.

Planning & Development Services

  1. Help Request

    Please let us know of any information you are looking for that you were unable to find on our website, or suggest other ways to improve... More…

Police Department

  1. Alarm System Permit Online Application
  2. Citizen Notification of Possible State of Emergency Violations Form

    This form is to report when a business or residence is in violation of the Stay At Home Order in regards to COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

  3. Crime Stoppers Tip Form
  4. Explorer Program Interest Form

    This program is designed for individuals from 14 to 20 years of age that are interested in participating in the Winston-Salem Police... More…

  5. Neighborhood Watch Contact Information Update Form

    This form is used to update the contact information for the Chairperson and Co-Chairperson of Neighborhood Watch Groups registered with... More…

  6. Pups Against Crime Signup Form

    Partnership between the Winston-Salem Police Department and Winston-Salem dog owners being on the lookout for suspicious activity while... More…

  7. Request a Speaker or Program

    This form is used to request an officer to speak at an event, attend a community event, or provide public education on police related... More…

  8. Youth Citizens' Police Academy Recommendation Form

    All applicants for the Youth Citizens' Police Academy must submit at least one recommendation from a non-family member over 21. The... More…

  1. Alternatives to Police in 911 Mental Health Response - Comment Form

    Please fill out the following information if you would like to provide your thoughts on how 911 mental health calls should be handled.

  2. Citizen's Police Academy Application

    A form to be completed for individuals wishing to attend the Winston-Salem Police Department's Citizen's Police Academy

  3. Employment Contact Form

    Would you like us to contact you about employment opportunities at the Winston-Salem Police Department? Please enter your information... More…

  4. Merit Badge Workshop Form
  5. Neighborhood Watch Group Interest Form

    This form is for individuals that are interesting in getting information about starting a Neighborhood Watch group in your... More…

  6. Report a Graffiti Problem
  7. Youth Citizens' Police Academy Application

    A form to be completed for individuals wishing to attend the Winston-Salem Police Department's Youth Citizens' Police Academy. Forms... More…

Recreation & Parks

  1. Athletic League Player Contract

    All participants in the City of Winston Salem Recreation and Parks athletics programs must complete an athletic league player contact... More…

  2. Forsyth Golf Championships Entry Form

    Sign up for the annual Forsyth Golf Championships, which also include junior and senior tournaments.

  3. Lifeguard Class Registration for 2022 season- All Classes are Full for the 2022 Season

    Please complete to register for the American Red Cross Lifeguard Class offered through the City of Winston- Salem Recreation and Parks... More…

  4. Request Tee Time Reservation
  1. Daycare, Day camp, and Adult Supervised Group Visit Request for Swimming at City Pools

    Please Complete this form to request permission to bring day cares, day camps and other adult supervised groups of children ( under 18)... More…

  2. Hanes Park Questions & Comments
  3. Miller Park Improvement Project Comment Form

    Miller Park, located at 400 Leisure Lane in Winston-Salem, has walking trails, picnic shelters, tennis courts, a recreation center,... More…

  4. Swim Lesson Registration

    Required for swim lesson registration Completion of this form does not guarantee swimmer registration. Please choose 3 pools for... More…


  1. Test

    Teaching form

Stormwater/Erosion Control

  1. Scoop The Poop Pledge
  2. Stormwater Training Video Review

    After watching the training video this form needs to be filled out by an employee.

  1. Stormwater Quiz
  2. Stormwater Volunteer Form

Successful Outcomes After Release (SOAR)

  1. Successful Outcomes After Release (SOAR) Interest Form

    The Successful Outcomes After Release (SOAR) program provides temporary employment to former offenders.


  1. Can I Recycle This Item?

    Go through this questionnaire to help determine if your item is recyclable. The submission of the form will help the Office of... More…

  1. City Sustainability Feedback Survey


  1. General Inquiry / Request for Lighting - Arches

    Information application for arch lighting requests

  1. Transportation Services Directory (TSD) Survey

    The TSD Survey is intended to help Winston-Salem MPO Staff collect data on local transit and transit-adjacent service organizations.... More…


  1. Contact the Webmaster

    Have a question, comment, suggestion? Please fill out this form and send it in!