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Curbside Exemption Form

  1. Curbside Garbage & Recycling Exemption Form

    Submit this form if you have a physical or other limitation that prevents you from complying with the curbside collection program. By submitting this form you are certifying that neither you nor anyone in your home is capable of rolling a garbage or recycling cart out to the curb for collection. Residents requesting an exemption must submit a letter from their medical provider verifying the need for an exemption. Exemptions are good for three years. See details below.

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  3. Under the City Code, exemptions will be approved only with a letter from a medical provider verifying that neither the applicant nor anyone living in the house is capable of rolling out the cart. THIS LETTER MUST BE DATED AND PRINTED ON THE MEDICAL PROVIDER'S LETTERHEAD. If you have an electronic copy of the letter use the CHOOSE FILE button to attach a copy to this application. (If your provider does not send you the letter electronically, all branches of the Forsyth County Public Library have scanners for public use that can create an electronic copy of your verification letter.)

  4. Curbside Exemption Terms & Conditions

    Your application for exemption will not be accepted unless you read and agree to these terms and conditions, using the check box below.

    •You must provide your own personal can(s) for garbage service. The brown 96-gallon city-issued cart can NOT be used for this service. You may continue to use your blue 96-gallon cart for recycling.

    •You are allowed up to two (2) 45-gallon cans or three (3) 33-gallon cans for the brown cart replacement.

    •Your can(s) must be easily accessible and not enclosed in a fence, garage or locked compartment.

    •Service may not be available during inclement weather.

    •There must be no one in the home capable of bringing a cart to the curb.

    •You must provide a letter from your medical provider certifying that neither you nor anyone in your household is capable of rolling a cart to the curb.

    •The letter must be dated and printed on the medical practice letterhead.

    •Your application will not be processed until we receive BOTH this application and your medical verification letter.

    •You must reapply for an exemption with a new medical verification letter every three (3) years.

    •If you do not reapply you will be removed from the exemption list.

    I certify that I have read and agree with all terms and conditions for curbside collection exemptions. I also certify that I understand that it is a violation of the City Code to falsely certify my household’s status.

  5. Next Step

    Allow at least two weeks for your exemption application to be processed. If your application is approved it will be stamped as received and you will be sent a copy. If the exemption is for curbside garbage collection your copy will also be stamped with the date that your exemption will expire.

  6. Contact Information


    Johnita Campbell, Deputy Sanitation Director

    P.O. Box 2511 Winston-Salem, NC 27102-2511


    Derek Owens, Recycling Coordinator

    P.O. Box 2511 Winston-Salem, NC 27102-2511

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