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Athletic League Player Contract

  1. Manager's please indicate league name

  2. Do you live in the:*

  3. Do you work in *

  4. Players that do not live in the City of Winston - Salem must pay a $20.00 non-resident fee before he or she is an eligible player*

  5. Is Player over the age of 18 years old?*

    Players under 18 years old must provide parent/ guardian contact information

  6. Liability Waiver:

    I am/my child is participating in the indicated program and I release, absolve, clear, hold harmless and waive the responsibility of the City of Winston-Salem, Recreation and Parks Department, Staff and Volunteers of risks and hazards incidental to the implementation of this program. The Player shall inspect, to his/her satisfaction, the playing surface and facilities prior to participating in each game

  7. Photo Waiver:

    By participating in this public program, the participant (parent/guardian) acknowledges and gives permission for his/her (child/dependent) image/likeness to appear in group photos used by WSRP in promotional material (printed and/or social media).

  8. Refund Policy:

    NO refunds will be granted within two weeks of the beginning of a program. Refund requests MUST be presented in writing to the facility supervisor and pending approval of the Administration.

  9. By typing my name in the box below I am agreeing to the terms of this contract listed above*

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