Angela Carmon

City Attorney's Office
Title: City Attorney
Phone: 336-747-7404
Angela Carmon

Areas of Responsibility

  • Mayor
  • City Council
  • City Manager and Assistant City Managers (Along with ACAs based upon assigned areas)
  • City Clerk
  • Budget & Evaluation
  • Risk Management/RAMCO
  • Purchasing
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Performance and Accountability
  • Financings (Bonds and COPs)
  • Business Inclusion and Advancement (ED/Business Development Loans and Grants)
  • Business Improvement District Advisory Committee •Citizens Bond Oversight Committee
  • Citizens Budget Advisory Committee
  • Citizens Capital Needs Committee
  • Easements (water, sewer, and road) and Condemnations, as needed
  • Ethics-City Boards and Commissions
  • City Link

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