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1. If I file my application at the Home and Garden Building, will I receive reimbursement on the spot?
2. When will I received my reimbursement?
3. What if I don’t have receipts?
4. What if I cannot provide proof of household income?
5. I have a business in the evacuation area. Can I get reimbursement for the lost business?
6. I am self-employed. How do I document my regular income?
7. I have receipts for some expenses but not others. Can I use the form to certify the expenses that I do not have receipts for?
8. Two families are living at my address. Can they each be reimbursed?
9. There are four workers living at my address who all lost wages. Can they each apply for reimbursement?
10. What if some folks at my address have receipts and documents of their expenses, and others do not?