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1. Why are city employees required to go through screening?
2. Will employees whose workplace is in these buildings have to go through security every day?
3. How long will the screening take?
4. Will I be allowed to exit those doors that are no longer available as entrances?
5. If I have to go back to my vehicle because I forgot something that I need, do I have to go through screening again?
6. How will security personnel know that I am allowed to bring in tools?
7. My normal shift requires that I enter before regular work hours. Will I be able to get in?
8. Once in a while my job requires that I have access to City Hall or the Bryce A. Stuart Building on weekends or outside normal working hours. Will I be able to get in?
9. Why can’t I leave a prohibited item, such as a small pocket knife, at the security station and pick it back up when I leave?
10. What happens if I refuse to participate in the screenings?
11. Are there plans to implement security screenings at other city buildings?